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since 1986

From time to time, we all need a loan to help us with an urgent issue; maybe your business or your child’s college education among other needs.

Obtaining a stock or securities loan from traditional lenders such as banks is next to impossible. There is a lot of paper work to be completed, credit checks, financial statements and other stringent collaterals and screening is required.
But at SECURITIES-LENDING.ORG we only focus on the security that you own.

Just like any other loan, a stock loan gives you, the borrower, access to quick cash, and your collateral is your publicly traded stock shares. The stock loan process is very convenient since you use your shares as collateral without having the need to liquidate them.

Before, when faced with a cash shortage problem, one of the ways out was through selling your shares. We help you not to sell your stock by providing you with a loan.

Non-recourse stock loans

No-recourse means that if at one point you default from paying your loan or the stock drastically devaluates, you can just walk away.

When the stock goes up and you want to redeem your loan, all you need is to repay your loan, and you are guaranteed to get all your stocks back.

During the time you are repaying for the loan, you will continue to receive your dividends when they are released, since the stock is still under your ownership.

The repayment period for the loan is a minimum of twelve months and a maximum of five years, which can be extended.

Borrow against your stocks

You will obtain your loan within a period of one to three weeks. We are one of the fastest lenders, unlike most traditional banks. Since we recognize all the key stock exchanges globally, our loans are available to everyone regardless of the country or continent.

Publicly traded companies regardless of where they can get the stock loan from us.

When you complete repaying your loan, the shares are reverted back to you straight from the custodian who will be holding them. The stocks will be under your name the entire time since the shares are not being traded or sold.

Low-interest stock loans

With no hidden application fee charges, our interest rates are between 2-6%.

We will lend you a minimum of $500,000 without any maximum limit since you can borrow as much as 80% of your stock’s worth. The funds will be wired to a bank of your choosing and the currency of your choice. You are free to use your money as freely as you wish.

Quick-fast loan against public securities

Having your stocks being held by a local custodian bank in your area, will provide peace of mind that your stock is still under your ownership during the loan.

Since 1986 we have offered our services globally and we uphold the highest level of integrity and exemplary client support regarding all our transactions and procedures.

We respect the confidentiality of our clients and hence work with discretion regarding your information.

Basic requirements and conditions for a stock loan
      •      Your stocks need to be free-trading, it should neither be restricted nor suspended.
      •      $500,000 is the minimum loan amount.
      •      The shares must be in electronic form, paper certificates do not qualify.
      •      You will sign a Lender Lien Agreement or Loan Agreement.
      •      Any person in any part of the world is eligible for a non-recourse stock loan.
      •      Private stock (stock that is not being traded on a public securities exchange)
              does not qualify

Terms and conditions of a regular stock loan
      •      Duration of a loan term is 12 to 60 months
      •      Loan to value up to 80%
      •      Non-recourse
      •      Quick closing within 10 to 14 business days
      •      The borrow is paid dividends
      •      Interest is paid quarterly in advance
      •      Closing and disbursement is done at a custodian agent

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No Title Transfer Securities Loan

No Title Transfer Securities Lending

Minimum Loan Is $250,000

12-60 Month Term

Up to 75% Loan To Value

All Foreign Exchanges

Non-Recourse Loans

No Upfront Fees Charged

Loan May Be Pre-Paid

No Income Verified

No Employment Verified

Most Securities Qualify