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What is a stock loan?

Non-Recourse Stock Loans is a loan against the value of a stock or portfolio of stocks where the owner of the stock can borrow up to 80% or lower of the stock value while not having to sell the shares. You have the choice to pay off the loan and receive your stock back with any stock appreciation, extend the loan or, if the stock price has fallen below the agreed upon Loan To Value (“LTV”) amount, forfeit the shares without paying back the loan (non-recourse) with no liability or effect on your credit rating.

What stocks are eligible for a Stock Loan?

Any publicly traded securities are eligible, including stocks and securities from all world-wide exchanges.

Are "Penny" stocks eligible?

Penny stocks are also eligible for a stock loan.

Am I personally liable for this loan?

NO, this is a "non-recourse” loan. There is NO personal liability associated with the stock loan. Totally no-recourse to you.

Is the loan reported to the credit bureaus or reporting services?

NO, the securities loan is not reported to the credit bureaus and there is NO public record of this loan. The stock loan is very discreet and confidential.

Are Asia securities allowed to be used as collateral in stock loan transactions?

Yes, Asian securities are allowed to be put up as collateral. We have the pleasure of working with clients all over the world.

What is the Loan to Value (LTV) percentage for the loan?

The LTV’s vary depending on the quality of the securities being collateralized. With high quality large cap stocks you can expect LTV’s up to 80% or higher. Each loan is evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

How are the stocks evaluated?

Stability, trading volume, liquidity, trading volume and share price are factors in discovering the interest rate, term and Loan to Value.

What interest rates are available?

From 3% Fixed interest Rate!

Is a "Credit Report" required?

NO credit report. There is nothing to check.

Is my income and employment verified?

NO, income and employment is NOT required and NOT requested.

How long does the loan process take to close?

A Stock Loan can close in within 10 business days depending on the speed at which the borrower responds with the paperwork.

What happens if I fail to make my payments?

NO personal liability. If you don’t make the interest payments when it is due or don’t repay the principal when due, lenders only recourse is against the collateral which is the stock, NOT you.

Are there any tax consequences?

The stock loan transaction is a non-taxable because it’s a loan.

Are bonds eligible?

Yes, most types of bonds are eligible as well.

Are there risks involved with stock loans?

Stock loans are often at a very minimal risk, mainly because of the non-recourse nature of many stock loans.

Who owns my stock during the loan?

You the borrower continue to own the security, but it will be held in escrow by a specialty third party custodian agent via a 3-way agreement between you, the custodian and the lender.

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No Title Transfer Securities Loan

No Title Transfer Securities Lending

Minimum Loan Is $250,000

12-60 Month Term

Up to 75% Loan To Value

All Foreign Exchanges

Non-Recourse Loans

No Upfront Fees Charged

Loan May Be Pre-Paid

No Income Verified

No Employment Verified

Most Securities Qualify