Investment Bankers
since 1986

SECURITIES-LENDING.ORG is a London based internationally registered investment banking firm that is privately owned. Amongst other things, we specialize in non-recourse stock loans with no transfer of title and through our corresponding brokerage arrangements with major lending institutions, we have the capacity of funding loans that range from $300,000 to $100,000,000.

Together with our lenders, we have enabled many clients to get a stock loan against their publicly traded security. The security has to be in electronic format for the stock loan to be processed and unrestricted.

Our parent company has been in business since 1986 serving various financial needs of our clients.

Our interest rate is highly competitive at 2-6% annually, making us among the very lowest in the industry of lending money.


When we say our loans are non-recourse, we mean non-recourse. Therefore, if and when you default paying your loan, the lender will seize your shares and you walk away owing nothing else.

If the stock price drops, you can simply walk away from liability, and when it goes up, you have the advantage of repaying your loan and taking back your shares.

With our lenders, you can default from paying your loan, and it will have no financial implications on your credit standing, unlike some the lenders where you signed a personal guarantee.

International lending services

We are able to lend against all major stock exchanges, thus we can quickly provide stock loans to people globally. Some of the stock exchanges that we serve are;

      •      USA.
      •      U.K.
      •      Japan.
      •      Hong Kong.
      •      Europe.
      •      China.
      •      Canada.
      •      Germany.
      •      India.
      •      Switzerland.
      •      Australia.
      •      Korea.
      •      Swedo-Finnish.
      •      South Africa.
      •      Spain.
      •      Taiwan.
      •      Brazil.
      •      Thailand.
      •      Vietnam.
      •      Indonesia.
      •      Philippines.
      •      Singapore.
      •      Malaysia.

Likewise, most companies that are publicly traded qualify for a stock loan.

Finally, since your securities will be kept in one of the custodian banks or brokerage houses, you can redeem all your shares upon completion of the loan.


At SECURITIES-LENDING.ORG a securities loan can be processed within a matter of days, longest being 2-3 weeks.

Since we are only interested in your securities, we do not, under any circumstance interview borrowers, do a credit check on you or contact your bank.

During custodianship, your security will remain under your name. It will not be sold, reassigned, transferred or traded. Your ownership of the stock will not be tampered with. This a guaranteed with the custodian in writing.

Unlike other lenders, with us, you qualify for 80% of the value of your stocks.

You can borrow a minimum of $300,000, there’s no maximum amount.

Additionally, you can repay your loan in a year’s time or extend it to as five or more years depending on your loan needs.

SECURITIES-LENDING.ORG offers the following benefits to securities borrowers;

      •       Zero application fees
      •       The whole process will take a maximum of 2 to 3 weeks
      •       The shares will never be sold, short traded, reassigned,
              traded or transferred
      •       You will be charged an annual interest of 2% to 6%
      •       Most publicly traded companies in the world qualify
      •       The shares are stored in your home country’s
               custodian bank or brokerage account
      •       Securities are used as collateral
      •       Ownership transfer of security is not necessary
      •       Payments for simple interest are made quarterly
      •       The owner is paid dividends for securities because you are
               still considered to be the official owner.
      •       No personal or corporate guarantee necessary
               for non-recourse loans
      •       The minimum duration for the loan is 12 months while
               the maximum is 5 years and it’s extendable.
      •       Borrower and buyer qualification not necessary.
               Credit checks not required.

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No Title Transfer Securities Loan

No Title Transfer Securities Lending

Minimum Loan Is $250,000

12-60 Month Term

Up to 75% Loan To Value

All Foreign Exchanges

Non-Recourse Loans

No Upfront Fees Charged

Loan May Be Pre-Paid

No Income Verified

No Employment Verified

Most Securities Qualify